FAQ - Root Detection

What is the reason for prohibiting rooted devices on Fave?

At Fave we hold customer safety and privacy as our utmost priority. This is the reason we are blocking access to our app on rooted devices in accordance with the guidelines issued by the regulatory authorities. We have created this guide to assist you if you’re encountering difficulties launching the Fave app & seeing the error message ‘Device is rooted’. Please follow the steps outlined below to resolve any issues on your own. If the problem still persists, please reach out to us at care@myfave.in for further assistance.

What should I do if I encounter "Device rooted" errors when using Fave on my device?

You need to uninstall/ remove if any of the following application/ service found on your device.

Root Management App Detected  

A root management application can only function if your device is rooted. Some applications may not require root but are  designed to modify Android Application Packages (APKs). If these applications are installed (giving the ability to remove  certain services of an APK) we can assume the device is rooted  or the user has tried to modify certain applications in the device. A few examples are listed below:
- Multiple Variants of SuperUser/SU 
- Magisk 
- KingRoot 
- OneClickRoot 
- Root.Global 
- FramaRoot 
- RomManager 
- LuckyPatcher 
- BlackMartAlpha 
- BlackMart 
- AllInOne 
- AppQuarantine 
- KingOuser 
- InAppBillingService(COIN or LUCK)

Root Cloaker App Detected  

A Root Cloaker App is used to hide the device’s root status. If it's installed on your device, we assume the device is  rooted as these applications are not needed otherwise. A few examples are listed below:
- RootCloak 
- RootCloak+ 
- Xposed 
- Substrate(Saurik’s Variant) 
- TempRootRemoveJb 
- HideMyRoot 
- HideRoot

System Storage access that should be protected  

Certain sections of the device storage are only accessible by system services. User access to these sections is prohibited by default. We put a check to ensure that the Fave India app has access to these sections of the device storage, if any external intervention is detected or the device has not added this security requirement it is considered a security threat.

SuperUser service is running in the background  

Majority of rooted devices run a variant of SuperUser (SU) to modify and maintain root access on the device. 

This is a simple way of checking if there is a service currently running system-level background, if detected assume that device is  rooted as this service cannot run without root access.

Emulation Detection 

This involves a general check of system parameters to make sure the device does not have an emulator present. Since UPI requires actual physical device IDs, emulators pose a security threat.