Pay to any merchant that accepts UPI. Just verify your mobile number and link your Fave Money prepaid account to Fave Pay Balance.

Getting started

1. Log in to Fave using the mobile number linked to your Fave Money prepaid account.

2.  Tap on the “Profile” icon on the top right corner of the app’s homepage.

3. Under the “Payment” section, tap on “Fave Pay Balance”.

4. Tap “Continue” to start SMS verification and then enable the required permissions for SMS verification. 

5. Fill in your name and email address if prompted.

6. And you’re all set! You can now start paying at all UPI merchants with Fave Pay Balance.

Making payments

1. On Fave app’s homepage, tap on “Scan any QR”.

2. Scan the UPI QR code of the merchant that you’re paying to.

3.  Enter the payment amount  to proceed.

4.  Ensure that “Fave Pay Balance” is selected as your payment mode.

5.  Confirm the payment & you’re done!


1.  Where can I use Fave Money?

You can use your Fave Money prepaid account to make payments to any merchant that accepts UPI payments. However, Fave Money cannot be used for payments to personal accounts.

2. Does Fave Money have an expiry?

Yes. Fave Money prepaid account balance expires after 1 year.

3.  Why can I not set up Fave Money account?

Fave money is available only to a international travellers from G20 countries at the moment. If you’ve already purchased a prepaid account on Fave and still not able to set it up, please get in touch with the support staff at